INsideOUT residency  # 164

ACA  atlantic center for the arts 2017


Collaborative improvisation (5:50ff)


Poetry: Elisabeth Blair, Chandler Gifford, Monica Raymond

Music: Samantha Boshnack (Trumpet), Susanne Eules (Baroque

          Recorder), Sonia Jacobsen (piano), Daniel Lemer (Flute)






performance of my phonetic transposition (chromatic scale in German) of the erased text titled Hasselborg Takes His Time, from George Shiras' Hunting with Camera and Flashlight. A record of sixty five years's visits to the woods and waters of Northern America, National Geographic Society Washington D.C. 1936, Vol. II, p. 440 and is dedicated to the onehundred&first anniversary of the birth of DADA. Chandler Gifford at the drums.



Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 2017