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KUNST WERK shop vom 25.11. – 6.12.2020___

Öffnungszeiten: Mi – Fr von 16-19 Uhr sowie Sa von 13-17 Uhr und auf Anfrage!


Ort: io lux, Lehderstraße 119, 13086 Berlin,


Becoming Plant


for Sound Art Radio


prelude, from: In Johann Caspar Schiller's orchard: dancing an apple suite, Sound Art Radio, curated by Camilla Nelson 

Mellom Press    

– A Multilingual Visual Poetry Exhibition –


                       trigonometry is @ HOME      






IN THE CLAUDE GLASS is part of Episode 5 Violence Entrepreneurs [Winter 2019] in Très Mall, an animated series featuring writers on topics in philosophy, activism and the environment created by the artist Derek G. Larson. Violence Entrepreneurs is featuring Duy Lap Nguyen [U Houston], Emily Apter [NYU], Nicole Sunday Grove [U Hawaii], Peter Knutson [Seattle Central], Priyamvada Gopal [Cambridge], Susanne Eules [Stetson U], and will be screened in Brooklyn NY, Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA, Cambridge, MA and Paris, FR.





is part of






curated by Camilla Nelson

singing apple press

22nd March -23 April 2019


The Plough Arts Centre 9-11 Fore Street, Great Torrington, Devon EX38 8HQ

Radical Landscapes questions the aesthetic frameworks within which we encounter and understand landscape, exploring why and how we remake landscape in and through language. 















thanks to dancinggirlpress Chicago 

Kristy Bowen for providing a habitat for these poems

FRESH from the shelf... the hares are loose...


thanks to dancing girl press & studio


 lièvre – a book of hares | Susanne Eules



birchen - a collaborative project with Singing Apple Press


Singing Apple Press is delighted to welcome 6 new language artists...Caroline Harris, Sarah Blissett, Tony Whitehead, Sarah Eliza Kelly, Susanne Eules and Nicole Dextras will be creating work for Singing Apple Press from 2018-2019. Caroline Harris, Sarah Blissett, Tony Whitehead, Sarah Eliza Kelly will perform as part of the Mere Literary Fringe Festival (5-7th Oct) and Susanne Eules will join them in exhibiting work at The Beaumont Gallery (Apples & Other Languages, 5-14th Oct). Work by new SAP authors will be on sale at the Bristol Small Press Book Fair on 3rd Nov 2018.


Founded in 2014 by Camilla Nelson, Singing Apple Press is devoted to the material investigation of poem production, particularly in relation to plants. This small, Wiltshire-based press produces hand-crafted, limited edition poem-prints, books and other objects.



lièvre - a book of hares

my 1. chapbook

dancing girl press, fall 2018



poetry: auszüge/excerpts aus/from miami t:ex[i]ting

in STILL 6



prose: 2 miniatures landscape, definition and timespace, definition

gazing grain press  







Two of my manuscripts were nominated in the


Gazing Grain Press


2017 Prose and Poetry Contest


camera obscura: Semi-finalist in the  Prose Contest  


h:app:yland: Finalist in the Poetry Contest

December 14, 2017,h_224,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/a2903d_beca42df39d441a79ea17ad837ff9737~mv2.png

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our 2017 Prose and Poetry Chapbook Contests! We're grateful to have read so many excellent submissions this year, and to have the opportunity to publish work that encourages feminist conversations of many varieties. Congratulations to this year's winners and finalists, and our sincere thanks to all who submitted work. The winning chapbooks will be published in the spring of 2018, and a limited-edition series of miniatures and ephemera curated from the finalists and semi-finalists will be published throughout the year.

new book of poetry : november 2016

"... ich lese schon den ganzen Nachmittag in Ihrem Gedichtband der kønig.innen hasen hůten und bin begeistert."


"... I have been reading all afternoon in your poetry book herding the queens' hares and I am thrilled."


Friederike Mayröcker



der kønig.innen hasen hůten


susanne eules


lyrik der gegenwart63


edition art science


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grand narrative of a field trip, in: FENCE, november 2016