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Susanne Eules (they/their/them) are a German American transdisciplinary artist in the fields of language, music, performance, and visual arts, and a translator. Their work explores the intersection of culture, identity, nature, and memory across languages. They are the author of nivolog, published as chapbook by Ethel in Philadelphia, USA in April 2022. Two German books of poetry, der kønig.innen hasen hůten (herding the queens' hares) and ůbern růckn des atlantiks/den rand des nachmittags (across the ridge of the atlantic/the edge of the afternoon) were published in Austria (2016) and Germany (2012). Their chapbook lièvre - a book of hares came out with dancing girl press, Chicago in 2018. Susanne has published in literary and exhibition venues in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA. For their poetry and prose, they have received various grants, literary awards and residencies in Germany, Austria, Canada, and in the US. 


nivolog, chapbook Ethel, Philadelphia,, April 2022

lièvre, chapbook dancing girl press, Chicago, Herbst 2018

der kønig.innen hasen hůten, edition art science, St. Wolfgang, Österreich, 2016

ůbern růckn des atlantiks/den rand des nachmittags, fixpoetryverlag, Hamburg, 2012


POETRY/PROSE (excerpts)/Ausgewählte Lyrik und Prosa in Zeitschriften, Online Journals und Anthologien

2022     S/KNOWING, Essay, in: AngelHousePress, Canada

in the claude glass, in: Très Mall, an animated series featuring writers on topics in philosophy, activism, and the environment created by the artist Derek G. Larson. Episode 7 WALTER BENJAMIN’S ARCADES PROJECT [APRIL 2022] Featuring: Carl Safina, Duy Lap Nguyen, Francesco Casetti, Peter Knutson, Susanne Eules. SCREENINGS: Westobou Project Commission, Morris Museum, Augusta GA, Swatch Art Peace Hotel Fellowship, Shanghai China

2021     Re*Pay: an den kritiker, kommentar, in: Prolog, Heft für Zeichnung und Text,               Nr. 23, Berlin, p. 58 and p. 59

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xyu (shortlist für Gertrud Kolmar Award, Deutschland 2019), in:

              sky study with prime verbaerial estate on ] [ mind, in: Pamenar Press

prelude (from: In Johann Caspar Schiller's orchard: dancing an apple suite), in: Becoming Plant, Sound Art Radio, curated by Camilla Nelson, UK

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              Gazing Grain Press

in the claude glass, such fun, thamnocoloi at spychernplatz, berlin, hybrids : sustain your energy, in: Essays in World Languages and Literatures: Stereotypes and the Challenges of Representation Selected Proceedings of the 22nd Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film Celebration, Florida. February 25-27, 2016 Edited by Yves-Antoine Clemmen, Margit Grieb, and Will Lehman Brown Walker Press 2017, p. xii-

              xiii and p. 181-183.

2017     I have nothing to say and I am saying it and two performance readings on CD,

              in: Prolog  17, 10 years of Prolog, Berlin

              memory stick, in:


              reiherallee, bekassinenweg, am dachsbau, in: Prolog X6, Berlin, March 2017

2016     grand narrative of a field trip, in: Fence, Fall/Winter

              sømmerung, in: Vergessene Fotos, Bilder des Monats (pictures of the month)

              # 191, Fotothek, Weimar


2015      w:orten (novel excerpt): in LICHTUNGEN 144, Zeitschrift für Literatur, Kunst und       Zeitkritik, Graz, p. 37-41      Heft%20144-2015%20/

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la baigneuse, in: "women only",, August 20

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9 poems from herding the queen’s hares, in: Glossen 40, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, June:

The Cuckoo Recorder Concerto by John Frederick Lampe (1703-1751) performed by Matthias Maute with the Ensemble Caprice, in: Coldfront Magazine, P.O.P. (Poets Off Poetry) - Song of the Week, 2/23/2014.